improv shows in english in Stockholms Improvisationsteater fall 2021


TheEnglish Productions Group presents: Chorus

Guest Performance: How to fall in love

The English Production Group gives you: CHORUS

Which stories are hidden in a song?
Some songs are the soundtrack of our lives, their choruses play in our heads and inspire our lives.
It's that cheesy head-banger that your dad belted along to in the car when you were a kid.
It's that rebellious song that you were obsessed with when you were 14, and makes you travel back in time every single time.
It's that heartfelt ballad that played for your first dance with your special someone.

When we take a stand and want to change the world, when we search for the meaning of life on a beach in India, when we try to find the willpower to run 10 more minutes, we find inspiration in songs. And we use their lyrics, melody or theme to tell our life's story.

The English Production Group at Stockholms Improvisationsteater proudly presents to you "Chorus - Stories hidden in a song", where all our characters and stories will be inspired by one song which will be chosen at the start of the show.
Join the Chorus!

Improvisers: Tanis Bestland, Simon Cox, Matilda Swahn, Anders Conradi, Anna Gomez, Gregory Moreau, Dave Jadin, Tiina Grönroos

Director: Per Gottfredsson

Friday 27/5, 19:00
Saturday 28/5, 19:00
Saturday 4/6, 18:00
Sunday 5/6, 18:00



Guest Performance

A Completely Improvised Romantic Comedy
Do you have a love-hate relationship with films like Bridget Jones's Diary, Love Actually and Notting Hill? Then look no further! Half the Group brings you "How to Fall in Love - A Completely Improvised Romantic Comedy".

What's it about? We don't know. Yet. It'll be fast-paced, or slow. It'll be funny, or very serious. We'll have a very clear storyline, or hundreds of storylines put together in some kind of montage.

Based on suggestions from the audience we're going to create a never seen before, and never repeated again, romantic comedy. Crushed dreams, crazy ex-partners or last minute airport chases? Come and find out!

Half the Group got together in 2018 and are known for their sold out show "How to Fall in Love - The Improvised Romantic Comedy".

Eduardo de los Santos
Lisa Gop
Jeff Graham
Åsa Halvarsson
Heather Hemmingmoore
Greg Moreau
Anders Conradi
Ingrid Herbert
Sara Ekholm
Jonathan Zabel

Falling in love is played:
Friday April 29th at 21.00-22.00 Book your ticket
saturday June 18th at 19.00-21.00 Book your ticket

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