improv shows in english in Stockholms Improvisationsteater fall 2021



it's showtime!
We're serving scenes of cheerful comedy, heartfelt drama and every flavor in between. Enjoy an unscripted evening of entertainment and gather with others in our English speaking improv community!

Each show of Hotpot also comes with a dessert in the form of a second act with scenes of Improvised Musical.

On stage: Caroline Falk, Jeff Graham, Linn Sparenborg, Lis Rosenqvist, Michael Håkansson, Per Gottfredsson, Stefan Andersson, Viktor Bjule Öberg.

Musician: Mats Karlsson
Light: Matilda Swahn, Moa Engström

HOTPOT + Improvised Musical is played:
October 23
November 13

More HOTPOSTS coming up in February 2022!


Parallel Lives 

A class show of The English Production Vlass.
Parallel Lives is an improvised show in 2 acts, straddling 2 very different genres. Act 1 is inspired by popular French ensemble comedy-drama movies, where the group (friends or family) is the central figure of the story. Act 2 is inspired by the modern classics in the superhero movie genre (for instance the classic Superman movies, or Nolan's Batman trilogy).

Improvisers: Anders Conradi, Anna Gomez, Dave Jadin, David Gylje, Gregory Moreau, Lea Xenia Jöst, Matilda Swahn, Tanis Bestland Malminen, Tiina Grönroos

Director: Per Gottfredsson

Parallel Lives is played:
December 2, 19.00
December 11, 18.00


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