Stockholms Improvisationsteater (SIT) is the largest and oldest improv theatre in the Nordics. This year we celebrate our 30-year anniversary! Our theatre is located in central Stockholm, between Odenplan and St. Eriksplan.
The theatre offers over 50 different courses every year, with a total of approx. 900 student spaces.
At Stockholms Improvisationsteaters courses, IT consultants, painters, teachers, warehouse workers, students and people with all possible backgrounds meet to practice improv. Some with the goal to work with theatre in one way or another, however the majority of our students take our courses to have fun, meet new people and for personal development.

At SIT, we believe that eight fundamental skills are needed for a person to be able to improvise. The skills are:
• Creativity
• Spontaneity
• Teamwork
• Physicality
• Musicality
• Spatial skills
• Characterisation
• Narration

In the Spring Semester of 2020, SIT offers four different levels of courses in English.

Level 1
In a level 1 course we, through play, introduce the basics of improvisational theatre. This is an excellent course if you want to become more confident when speaking in public, want to develop your imagination and creativity, or just want to have a lot of fun once a week.
No prior experience required.
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Level 2
In level 2, we continue our work with the improvisers eight fundamental skills. We will use different techniques to create exciting scenes and develop a range of characters. More time is also given to reflect on the different skills and on the scene work.
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Level 3
Scenes and Long-form
In Level 3 “Scenes and Long-form”, we work on creating longer scenes that together create one connected story. More time is also given to reflect on the different skills and on the scene work.
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Production Class
In this two-semester long production class that leads to four shows per semester, we will focus on finding true characters and building relationships. We will examine and practice what makes a scene truly funny by playing scenes where the comedy can organically and naturally emerge from the characters and the situation, without having to force it.
Students will be selected based on auditions. We expect you to have completed 3 + levels of improv training and may ask for recommendations.
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As a student at SIT, you also receive:
• Invitations to the theatres Christmas and Summer parties!
• A free ticket to one of the shows played by the theatres main ensemble
• Free entry to all shows played by Improakademien
• Free entry to all shows played by SITs production classes
• Free entry to all Rookie shows

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