In three acts!

Act 1
An improvised show by the ensemble Paraphrase, made up by members Tamara Maasdam, Noha Mousbah and Stefan Andersson.

Great moments in life are often ruined by words. Could the most important words be the ones left unsaid? What power do words have and how much can be said without them? In Unspoken we strip the main character of the ability to speak, thus limiting the choices and leaving them in an unusual position of silence as the other characters tell their stories using words.

The show returns to Stockholm after having played it in St Petersburg, Tampere, Copenhagen and Gothenburg.

Act 2
The Musical Duo
A fully improvised musical duo show by Zsuzsi Várady and Per Gottfredsson accompanied by Kettil Medelius.

What are our lives like? What does a Swedish guy think about cooking? How does a Hungarian woman talk about soccer? What does it sound like to hear the two of them fight about their relationship or joke about politics? And how do these little stories connect? Do we ever understand each other? What will the magical language of music bring into this?

This is a magical and fun musical night of improvisation.

Act 3
The Stockholm Syndrome
This show is an experiment, an attempt to push the boundaries of improv. How much dark drama can an audience (and the improvisers) handle? Is there even a limit?
The format is a chamber play where the audience gets to decide what relationships the charachters have to each other. Awkward silences, tension, monolouges that don´t fit in and no spacework are some of the ingredients of this show. Of course there will be fun and laughter, but we will do our best to reach the uncomfortable situations, the dark side of family and peoples inner fear.
Please join us on the journey to hell!

About the performers:

Per and Zsuzsi met in Berlin in March 2018. Each of them was representing their countries in the European impro project “Our Lives” where 28 improvisers from 28 European countries were part of an impro festival for 10 days.

After the festival they teamed up two and two to do improvised duos all over Europe. They decided to do an improvised duo musical.
“We did the show in Budapest in September and now we are doing it in Stockholm.”

is one of the few impro ensembles in Sweden focusing on improvised drama in English. The three ensemble members all have a background in scripted theatre and share an eagerness to experiment and delve into the different layers in a character in impro scenes, in the same manner actors do in scripted theatre.

The ensemble members Stefan Andersson, Noha Mousbah and Tamara Maasdam are all based in Stockholm and have toured together to festivals and shows in Russia, Finland, Denmark and Sweden.